Faseyha Lease

MFLC goes beyond leasing solutions to offer convenient loan products for customers serving recognized Employment.

MFLC provides a broad range of leasing solutions to suit customer’s lifestyle requirements.

We all have material requirements to fulfil our lifestyle needs and most often, such requirements come as a surprise. Avoid the inconvenient surprises and choose MFLC Lifestyle Lease for acquisition of motorcycles or a wide range of consumer goods available from registered suppliers.

If you are an eligible employee of an approved organization, we welcome you to explore our leasing options for a convenient and flexible financial solution.

Key Features

Finance Limit

Up to MVR 500,000 (subject to change at the discretion of the Company)

Loan Tenure

Enjoy repayments up to 60 months (05 years) - subject to change at the discretion of the Company


Not required

Documentation Fee

1% of Financing amount (Minimum MVR 750)
  • Continuous employment for 12 months or more
  • Salary deduction
  • Guarantor required for facilities above 250K
Required Documents
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How it works?

Meet the need of personal requirements in today’s world.

Be it time to renew your gym shoes, to start a new hobby as digital photography, upgrade to the latest laptop or to have the newest mobile phone MFLC Lifestyle Lease allows customer to acquire their desired consumable through arrangement with registered suppliers.

MFLC Lifestyle Lease – convenience of leasing for your lifestyle requirements!

How to apply?

  1. Apply through submitting a completed Application Form (Except signatures and date), either in person or online to apply@mflc.com.mv
  2. Submit National ID Card, along with stamped Employment Letter and Salary Slips
  3. Present quotations from registered suppliers for consumables to be acquired
  4. Sign the Lease Agreement – understand the terms and conditions offered by MFLC
  5. Receive your goods based on issued Purchase Order from MFLC