Fasheyha Loan

MFLC goes beyond leasing solutions to offer convenient loan products for customers serving recognized Employment.

Having a funding requirement but struggling to address solutions through leasing alone? Is your requirement sophisticated as planning a graduation trip overseas, a birthday party or wedding to cherish, or personally funding professional development or going for an exciting holiday, MFLC Faseyha Loan is the answer!

Financing from MFLC! Got to Like it!

Key Features


Finance to a limit of MVR 100,000/-, where eligible

Repayment Schedule

Enjoy repayments to 24 months, and based on qualifying income even 36 months


Hassle free - no Guarantor, no mortgage, no title transfer
  • Individuals shall be serving the Approved Employer or declared affiliate for 2 years to qualify
  • Individuals shall be under age of 60 and serving at supervisory level or higher
  • Employment verification letter and Salary Slips shall be stamped outlining the registration number and endorsed by Human Resource (or relevant function) of Approved Employer
  • Applications to include an immediate family member, for which consent and approval shall be obtained to provide their i) ID Card, and ii) Contact details.
  • Individuals, should have completed 2 years of service with registered employer
  • Qualifying income determined by breakdown of last 6 months’ salary slip
  • Employment shall be with an Approved Employer accepted by MFLC

How it works?

Faseyha Loan, solutions to fit the value for helping our customers.

Leasing options while being great does not fulfil all funding requirements of the customer. Additionally, arranging quotations from suppliers and finding a willing guarantor can indeed be inconvenient. At MFLC, our answer for such customers is Faseyha Loan – giving complete freedom of choice for customers to include options beyond registered suppliers.

MFLC Faseyha Loan – for empowering choice for our customers!

How to apply?

  1. Apply through submitting a completed Application Form (Except signatures and date)
  2. Submit National ID Card, along with stamped documents verifying other income sources from business interest and investments to collaborate with provided bank statements (12 months).
  3. Present quotations from registered suppliers for consumables to be acquired
  4. Sign the Lease Agreement – understand the terms and conditions offered by MFLC
  5. Receive your goods based on issued Purchase Order from MFLC