Faseyha Loan

MFLC goes beyond leasing solutions to offer convenient loan products for customers serving recognized Employment.

Having a funding requirement but struggling to address solutions through leasing alone? Is your requirement sophisticated as planning a graduation trip overseas, a birthday party or wedding to cherish, or personally funding professional development or going for an exciting holiday, MFLC Faseyha Loan is the answer!

Financing from MFLC! Got to Like it!

Key Features

Finance Limit

Up to MVR 500,000

Loan Tenure

Enjoy repayments up to 60 months (05 years)


Not required


Not required
  • Continuous employment for 12 months or more
  • Salary deduction
  • Guarantor required for facilities above 250K
Required Documents
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How it works?

Faseyha Loan, solutions to fit the value for helping our customers.

Leasing options while being great does not fulfil all funding requirements of the customer. Additionally, arranging quotations from suppliers and finding a willing guarantor can indeed be inconvenient. At MFLC, our answer for such customers is Faseyha Loan – giving complete freedom of choice for customers to include options beyond registered suppliers.

MFLC Faseyha Loan – for empowering choice for our customers!

How to apply?

  1. Apply through submitting a completed Application Form (Except signatures and date) either in person or online at apply@mflc.com.mv
  2. Submit required documentation
  3. Receive an update from our agents
  4. Sign the loan agreement
  5. Receive funding