Direct Lease - Retail

Let leasing be the solution to your lifestyle needs!

Key Features


Finance above MVR 10,000/- to MVR 100,000/-, where eligible

Repayment Schedule

Enjoy repayments to 12 months, based on qualifying income


Applicable for combination of various suppliers
  • Individuals declaring income from salary shall have served their employer for 3 years to qualify
  • All submitted documents to be originals, stamped outlining their registration number and signed by the Managing Director or notarized by a locally recognized professional lawyer / legal body
  • Applicant to provide contact details of an immediate family member and their National ID Card details, obtained and declared with their consent
  • Nomination of a Guarantor, for which consent and approval shall be obtained to provide their i) ID Card, and ii) Employment Letter & iii) Last 6 Salary Slips, stamped.
  • Individuals, should have served minimum 3 years with Current Employer or
  • Where not formally employed, provide records of income from the declared sources (i.e. rental deeds, income tax receipts, corresponding income slips and pension submissions).
  • Qualifying lease amount determined by most recent 6 months of sustained performance

How it works?

Direct Lease – Retail, offers customers a solution to fund personal requirements.

Be it time to upgrade to the latest technological gadget or organising memorable gifts for your loved ones, MFLC Direct Lease allows customer to acquire their desired consumable through arrangement of your choice of materials from our broad range of registered suppliers. Customer funds (a minimum) 10% of total upfront and we take care of the rest.

MFLC Direct Lease – convenience of leasing for your lifestyle requirements!

How to apply?

  1. Apply through submitting a completed Application Form (Except signatures and date)
  2. Submit National ID Card, along with stamped documents verifying other income sources from business interest and investments to collaborate with provided bank statements (12 months).
  3. Present quotations from registered suppliers for consumables to be acquired
  4. Sign the Lease Agreement – understand the terms and conditions offered by MFLC
  5. Receive your goods based on issued Purchase Order from MFLC