Debt Factoring

MFLC provides a variety of innovative financial solutions for customers, to include debt factoring facilities.
Do you have a requirement for fulfilling your funding mismatches arising from working capital constraints? Ideal for entities carrying out business on credit terms our debt factoring service operates similar to an overdraft facility. Rather than wait for customers receipts, we offer recourse over pledged receivables to provide liquidity for businesses.
Choose our Debt Factoring to help you focus on your business strengths.

Key Features


Arrange line of credit through your B2B sales receivables

Repayment Schedule

Enjoy flexible terms for arrangements


Ideal for businesses with fixed, or pre-approved contracts
  • Businesses that apply shall have a successful trading record for undertaking operations
  • Postdated cheques to be provided by borrowing entity to cover 6 payments
  • Individual guarantee of Directors and shareholders required additionally
  • Insurance of pledged asset and inventory are mandatory throughout the loan period
  • Nominated income to be supported through documentary evidence
  • Bank statements to support income verification
  • Businesses, most recent 02 years audit to indicate a profitable financial performance
  • Business shall have steady flow of proven business transactions to verify trade
  • Income capacity pledged for repayment shall be evident through bank statement

How It works?

Debt Factoring allow businesses to utilize their existing cash-flow structure and gain access to liquid funds through pledging us your receivables.

By discounting the debt businesses have on their receivables, we fund our customers to meet their short term financing requirements.

MFLC, serving your business by addressing solutions for your short term funding needs!

How to apply?

  1. Enquire us about your requirement and arrangement request
  2. Visit Us – when we request, to discuss on your ideal arrangement for terms
  3. Facilitate us with any relevant document requests to meet conditional requirements
  4. Sign the Loan Agreement – understand the terms and conditions
  5. Receive your funding – by having it deposited to a vendor or nominated account